Fridges and freezers


Food kept in refrigerators and freezers lasts longer than when it’s kept at room temperature,  the cold inhibits bad bacterial growth than can cause food poisoning and the cool temperature controlled  environment is ideal to store food for longer periods of time, prolonging  the nutrient levels in the food and slowing down decay. Refrigerators and freezers are relatively modern inventions and need to be kept clean and maintained,some of today’s appliances are more like computers and some have become digital, reliant in using sensors and control modules,electronic temperature display panels.

If your appliance is faulty PLEASE CALL 077 389 860 76 FOR SERVICE AS YOUR FREEZER MAY BE DEFROSTING and in most cases can be a simple low cost repair with built in units they need air flow ventilation behind your fridge freezer to improve performance and save electricity, especially on hot days. this can also extend the life of the appliance and compressor as it can overheat and seize up then stop cooling,allowing freezer contents to melt.

RECYCLE YOUR EXISTING APPLIANCE AS IN MOST CASES IT CAN COST MUCH LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A NEW ONE. The disposal of old refrigerators is an increasingly considerable environmental concern – because of the Freon coolant damaging the ozone layer, but as the older models of refrigerators disappear it is the destruction of CFC-bearing insulation which causes concern. Modern refrigerators usually use a refrigerant called HFC-134a  or r600a instead of Freon, which has no ozone layer depleting properties.

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